Haute Edits

26 February, 2021

How to style mini bags with a twist!

We’ve all been loving the mini bag trend since it first surfaced a few years ago. It proves how much impact even a small accessory can have. The striking colors and instant oomph they add to an outfit is loved by all.

However, this week, we’ve also noticed how this trend has taken a different route with oddly shaped mini bags. Yes, not your regular rectangular bags – instead we’ve seen influencers carry around cylindrical and sphere shaped minis too. They give a really quirky look if paired with the right outfit.

One of our favourites, Alexandra Lapp, was seen pairing a cylindrical Gucci bag with a monogrammed Gucci skirt and neutrals. We thought the look was a total knockout and the bag took center stage. See for yourself


While that look was all about neutrals, our other Insta favorite blogger, Alaina Anderson, paired a bright pink Chanel heart shaped bag with net tights and a matching pink skirt. This daring look caught our eye because of the shape and color of the bag.


What’s your take on these unusual minis? Do you think they’re a yay or nay? An accessory that can make or break your look? We would love to know your thoughts. If you’re vibing with these minis, scroll below to see some picks we have for you. Happy shopping!

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