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14 July, 2021

How to Store Your Luxury Bags – A Guide

Have you ever bought a luxury bag? If you’re reading this, chances are you have atleast one. So, you’re familiar with the whole decision making and buying process. From having your heart set on that one piece to choosing between a few hot pieces, shopping for a luxury bag is equal parts exciting and nerve-wracking! The excitement continues when we wear it out for the first time too. Deciding which outfit it will pair best with and planning the whole look around one bag is a happy thought in itself. But when all the fun has been had and you’ve to put your luxury bag away till next time, is where the true challenge lies. Since you’ve put a considerable amount of time, effort and money into purchasing one, storing it correctly becomes an important step. It ensures your bag will stay in the condition it’s meant to. Also, since luxury bags are considered as investments, its value will only go up if it’s in great condition. Keeping all these things in mind, we thought we’d shed some light on the recommended good practices when it comes to storing your luxury bags!

Where to store your bag:

All luxury bags come with a box and dust bag. They provide good enough storage for these bags to be securely stored. You can place the box in your closet if space is not an issue. The idea is to place them in a cold, dry place. If your closet doesn’t allow for boxes, just place the bag in the dust bag which is equally good for storage. In humid areas, you want to be extra vigilante and make sure the bag is dry before storing. The best way to do that is to avoid direct heat and just let a fan dry off any moisture. Just because you’re storing a bag, doesn’t mean you’ve to forget about it completely! Show it some love by taking it out to air and give it a good wipe down.

How to retain the shape:

Out-of-shape bags can result in some serious heartache (take it from us!). It’s better to be careful then cringe later. In order to ensure the bag retains it’s shape, stuffing is very important. You can use tissue paper, air pockets or bubble wrap – anything that doesn’t stain the bag. Also, it’s important to mention, never hang your bag by the handles or strap. It can cause wear and tear and stretch out the shape. If you have storage issues, use the drawstring of the dust bag to hang the bag instead. Follow these steps to ensure your luxury bags don’t scrunch or lose their actual shape.

Avoiding and dealing with scratches:

Bags can get scratches even if you are being careful. A good way to deal with these scratches is to simply buff the bag with a clean, white cloth. You can use a leather spray or Vaseline before buffing the bag to keep it looking young and bouncy. Incorrectly storing your bag can cause scratches too. Always put the chain strap inside the bag so it doesn’t rub against the skin and cause damage while storing. You can wrap them in a cloth or tissue paper before placing inside the bag for added protection.

We hope these little tips and tricks helped! If you want us to do more guides, let us know so we can help you out. Meanwhile, it’s always a good day to buy a luxury bag and with all the information on how to store your bag, you can definitely handle one more. Check out our current favourites below and shop away!

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