The Secret Charm Of The Hermes Herbag & An Honest Review!

Let’s chat about the ultimate everyday bag to make your daily routine feel like a glam adventure. If you’ve ever wondered what your trusty sidekick should be for your daily hustle, the Hermes Herbag is the answer. It’s not just your average bag; it’s your everyday luxury companion, and let me tell you, it’s got some seriously unique and fun tricks up its stylish sleeve.

Imagine breezing through your day with a bag that effortlessly blends elegance and convenience. The Herbag is like your go-to best friend who always knows how to keep things exciting. So, buckle up because we’re about to explore why this beauty is not just a bag but a glamorous essential for your everyday escapades!

The History Behind Hermes Herbag!

Let’s take a stylish trip back to the ’70s when a Hermès Kelly could be yours at a much lower price without the waitlists or mind games. It may sound like a dream now, but there’s a close cousin, a little sister perhaps if you will call it, that’s still accessible in today’s luxury handbag landscape—the Hermes Herbag, ladies and gentlemen!

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Features Of Hermes Herbag & Why It’s Distinguished!

  1. It’s Affordable Than The Kellys & Birkins

While the Herbag shares the trapezoidal silhouette, flap closure, and top handle with the iconic Kelly, it brings its unique charm to the table. It flaunts a Clou de Selle locking mechanism that’s both stylish and secure, plus a price tag that’s a bit friendlier on your wallet. Now, isn’t that something worth talking about?

  1. The Nostalgic Return With Functional Options

The Herbag may have slipped under the radar during its original run but returned triumphantly in 2009 with the Herbag Zip. This updated version introduced subtle yet significant changes, including a zipped back pocket, a removable interior pouch, and two waterproof textile body options.

  1. Perfectly Imitates a Birkin & Kelly!

It has the same essence; some call it the “Kelly Country.” This purse rocks the same trapezoidal shape, flap closure, and chic top handle as its older sibling, making it a perfect pick for those just starting their Hermès journey. But here’s where it stands out: it’s all about that interchangeable canvas body (we’ll dive into that soon), a Clou de Selle locking system, and a more wallet-friendly price point.

  1. It’s Available In Different Color Options

One of the special features of the Hermes herbag is the availability of this bag in different colors. Now, let’s be real; not all of us can snap up the same purse in multiple colors. But occasionally, we yearn to jazz up our trusty everyday bags without getting tangled up in twillies or charms.

Well, guess what? The Herbag comes to the rescue. It’s available in contrasting and tonal-textile versions, and here’s the kicker – that canvas body? It’s like a magic trick! You can unscrew it from the leather top flap, flip it around, or swap it out for a different shade (yes, you can buy those separately).

And when we talk colors, Hermès goes all out. Think of a kaleidoscope of choices. But here’s the kicker – some limited-edition Herbags even flaunt embroidered toile, H-monogram, or checkered patterns! So, the world is your oyster regarding your Herbag; mix and match to your heart’s content, and watch the magic happen.

Available In Different Sizes Too!

But just when you thought choosing colors was the only decision on your Herbag journey, surprise! There’s a whole world of options waiting for you. You’ve got not one, not two, but five sizes to choose from 31 cm, 39 cm, and there’s even a Backpack version! And here’s where it gets even more exciting. You can opt for either the Retourne or Sellier style – your call! Plus, you can pick between palladium- or gold-plated hardware options to add that extra layer of luxury and elegance. So, it’s not just a bag; it’s a canvas for your creativity.

Some Pros & Cons Of Having a Hermes Herbag In Your Luxury Closet!


Epitomizes Essence Of Hermes

 Let’s start by stating the obvious – the Hermes Herbag is a sheer masterpiece of beauty. It effortlessly carries the prestige and elegance synonymous with the Hermes name.

Your Unique Canvas

Here’s where the Herbag truly shines: customization. It’s like having your fashion genie. You get to pick from a mesmerizing array of colors and materials, turning your Herbag into an art piece uniquely you.

Chameleon Chic

Versatility is the name of the game with the Herbag. It’s not just a bag; it’s your style companion. Whether you’re hitting the town for a casual coffee date or stepping onto the red carpet, this bag’s got your back.

Investment Magic

This is a secret fashion insiders know well – the Herbag isn’t just a bag; it’s a smart investment. Like a fine wine, it gets better with time, holding its value and sometimes even appreciating its worth.


Not As Expensive As a Birkin, But Still a Pricey Pursuit!

 We can’t dance around it – the Herbag has a hefty price tag. It’s an investment, but one that might require careful consideration before taking the plunge.

Prone To Scratch

Although the canvas leather is of high quality, the swift leather at the top is prone to scratches. Those scratches can sneak up gradually, so you must be extra cautious.


Some Herbag aficionados have whispered about its shape-shifting tendencies. Over time, the canvas might decide to go with the flow too much, leading to a slightly less structured appearance.

High Demand- Not Easy To Get The Right One!

Getting a Hermes Herbag isn’t always a walk in the park. High demand, limited stock, and waiting lists can turn the pursuit of this beauty into a real treasure hunt. Aren’t treasures worth seeking?

Final Verdict

Based on all the parameters, we would give Hermes Herbag a rating of 7/10.

Want to watch a full video where we describe its silhouette and elegance? Click the link below!

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