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26 April, 2022

Forecast: Coperni’s Glass It-bag and What you can Get your Hands on Right Now!

Since the arrival of the new it-bag, we are already seeing our favorite celebrities donning this glassy beauty. But what’s causing this piece of bag to blow up on our social media feeds? Is it the extremely elegant oval shape? Or the swipe concept that iphone lovers must adore? We think it’s the glass touch! Whatever it is, we have been seeing a massive uptick for coperni bags this year and influencers aren’t holding back either.

For a bag that is not known for being the red carpet material, it sure is a great milestone if the likes of Gigi Hadid, Hailey Bieber and Doja Cat are wearing it.

Before we present you this it-glass coperni bag in the coming days, let’s take a look at some of the hottest variants that are getting all the limelight:

Coperni Micro Baguette Swipe Bag in Pink

We think this swipe bag is simply a pink dream that many of the fashionistas would love to indulge in! If you take a closer look at this micro baguette, you will notice the curved lines that are displayed with 90’s minimalism. Have it over your shoulders as a crossbody or pick it up as you like!

Coperni Ring Swipe Bag in Brown Leather

Another variant of coperni classics is having our mood go up! Accentuating a retro feel, this brown leather bag will be a nice addition to your season’s wardrobe. Pair it with either a minimalist brown dress or a color-blocking outfit, this ring swipe bag will be the eye-candy!

Coperni Mini Swipe Tote Bag

Who’s craving a neon shade of green this summer? Since this time, the wind is blowing towards the bold col

Coperni Mini-swipe Top Handle Bag

What’s better than a chic black bag especially that comes in the coperni way! The round edges and black color would definitely make a lasting impact as you fetch endless compliments on your family get-togethers and parties!

Coperni Swipe Abstract Pattern Tote Bag

Want to get one straight from the ocean? This abstract tote bag is everything coperni lovers would want in these hot summers and let this bag transport them to everything watery and ocean-like.

Coperni Mini-Swipe Tote Bag

For the bold color lovers, a version in burnt orange might just hit the chord! This drool-worthy beauty comes with the signature coperni silhouette and is here to stay in the summers!

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