3 Popular Handbag Materials Ranked from Diificult to Easiest to Maintain & Tips on How to Care For Them

Designer bags are the heart & soul of a fashionistas wardrobe. Shopping for one bag is a pretty big deal. There are pre-orders and waiting lists that we happily hop on. We make countless trips to the mall to ensure we’re making the right choice.

Some factors we take into consideration when buying the bag are usage, material, utility etc. An important part often overlooked is how to actually maintain a designer bag and care for it. If you properly care for certain bags, they serve as investments with their value appreciating over the years. It also adds years to their life, making them a more useful purchase.

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Therefore, considering the amount of leathers, exotic skins and vegan options out there to manufacture designer bags, we thought we’d rank the different materials in terms of difficulty to maintain. This makes it easier for you as a buyer to make a wiser decision. Between exotic skins, leather, and vegan, the general ranking from most difficult to easiest to maintain would be 1. Exotic, 2. Leather , and 3. Vegan. We’ll be touching upon each in detail. This week we’re kicking off with the most glamorous of them all – exotic skinned bags! They are decidely the most expensive ones and have a unqiue appeal and exclusivity that we all love. They are however, not the easiest to maintain. Find out more below!

Exotic Leather: So, let’s talk types of exotic skins? There are over 50 types of exotic leathers that are allowed to be traded depending on their current status. Exotic leather is generally defined as any animal that isn’t raised for consumption hence it’s exclusivity and worth.

This might be the most difficult leather to maintain owing completely to the different options out there and specfic cleaning + storing details for each. Exotic handbags are made from alligator, crocodile, python, ostrich, stingray and so many more species. These include fur pieces as well. This is precisely why the care instructions are also varied. These bags look super chic and are statement pieces but require care and maintainence to keep their exotic look intact. A general rule of thumb is to store them in a cool, dry place. Extreme temperatures can affect the scales which may dry out and start curling.

Therefore, find a place in your closet where you can preferrably store the exotic bag in a dust bag, away from sunlight & moisture. If you happen to get the bag dirty, use a towel to wipe off any dirt and residue. If the residue becomes dry, use a damp towel to gently wipe off the dirt and immediately follow with a dry towel clean. Always allow an exotic bag to dry on it’s own naturally without using aids like a dryer. Due to the nature of their skin & scales, exotic leathers must not be exposed to direct sunlight for long for the risk of drying the scales and losing shape and color. If you are going somewhere and the bag needs to be transported, consider placing it in a dust bag inside an opaque bag. Lastly, avoid use of alcohol, lotions, oils etc completely when you have your exotic handbag around. They can ruin the appearance beyond repair. If you can, invest in a bag spa to allow a professional to treat your handbag with the love it deserves depending upon the skin type. They will clean and condition it to appear like new!

We hope this insight into exotic leather bags was useful to you. We’ll continue to share helpful information on materials and care so watch this space for more! For now, indulge in some exotic finds below. Happy shopping x

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