What to Wear Summer Edition: Picnic/Bar-B-Que!

Is your part of the world getting as hot as ours? We’re well into welcoming summers and can see the mercury rising everywhere around the globe. That can only mean one thing – it’s time to take out that grill and start prepping for summer get togethers! We love a day spent in the outdoors (God knows we deserve it after a year or so of staying indoors). It instantly made us think of putting together a “What to Wear” for you guys for some fun summer days ahead!
Can you remember the last time you had a fun day at the park? We can and it definitely involved some serious outfit deliberations. The best part is we’ve put together the whole look for you and all you really have to do is hit the add to cart button and be done with everything. Get some great pictures taken and make memories to look back on knowing you looked your best! So what are we waiting for? Let’s get into the details of this playful look!

A picnic calls for some cute & chic pieces. We built this look with a RedValentino white embroidered top that you can see below. It’s cut-out accents and embroidery make it so chic.

The Chelsea collar is very proper and makes this whole top look even more structured. We fell in love with it! It’s color makes it a summer staple. You can always wear this with so many other variations too.


The show-stealer here are these paperbag cotton shorts by Juliet Dunn. They are breathable, loose, and so feminine. The tie up ribbon is separate and hangs loosely on the front adding to it’s feminine appeal. They pair beautifully with this white cotton top and together they create magic! We know you’re already visualizing yourself in this outfit, but keep reading to find out about the other pieces!

What’s an outdoors look without taking some inspiration from the outdoors? For the accessories we have played with raffia and straw to truly make a befitting picnic look. The Jimmy Choo embellished raffia sandals add a little glam without overdoing anything. The Chloe medium Marcie bag is perfect for this look (& the summer). It is spacious, handwoven from palm leaves and has the most breathtaking leather details that will make you swoon. It’s a picture-perfect summer bag that you need to invest in! Lastly, the Chloe straw hat will bring our cute-chic picnic look together. We all need a hat in the outdoors and bonus points when it doubles as a style statement. The Chloe monogram ribbon is the extra detail we’re living for!

That wraps up our attempt at finding luxury pieces to make a cute outdoorsy look for summer get togethers. We hope you liked it and can take inspiration from it. All the pieces we’ve used can be shopped below. Happy shopping!

Hina Maryyum

Hina is the driver behind the global brand’s management and successful infrastructure. With a keen interest across technology and innovation, Hina is a certified investment management analyst by trade and certified style junkie by passion with an impeccable fashion sense. For any queries, you can reach her out to hina.marryum@hautesecretshoppers.com