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05 July, 2021

The Sarah Jessica Parker approved Fendi Baguette is back for Summer 2021!

The Fendi Baguette is nothing short of an icon in the fashion world. The bag that takes it’s name from the French loaf was launched in 1997 by Silvia Venturini Fendi, grand daughter of the Italian fashion house founders. She came up with a playful, fun and bright bag that broke through the era of minimalism. It was compact yet functional, had a small shoulder strap and was supposed to be carried under the arm – like a French baguette! The bag was a hit – the global fashion scene was in love with this creation. It is often credited with being the first “it” bag too. Despite it’s loyal fan base, what really catapulted the bag to iconic status was it’s appearance on Sex & the City. The show took the bag to the masses. There was no Instagram and complex Google search engine options in those times. Hence, being on a hugely popular show really got it noticed by a world outside fashion. Since then, the brand has come out with thousands of versions of the baguette: beaded, embroidered, logo-ed, sequined, made from different canvases and available in a variety of colors. There’s quite possibly a baguette available for every kind of fashion aesthetic.

In 2012, fifteen years after it’s creation, the bag was reissued with new versions. A book was also launched to show the story of the baguette with 250 images. It had contributions from famous admirers of the bag – including Sarah Jessica Parker. The baguette was back! (Not that it had gone anywhere) but the relaunch helped to get it noticed by a newer generation of fashionistas. The sales haven’t slowed down ever since. The brand churns out new versions of the baguette every season featuring new canvas options. The bag was named the top revival product for the year 2019 with an upsurge in search by 138%!

The devotees of the original and revived versions range from Gigi Hadid to Olivia Palermo, SJP, Lily Collins, Emma Roberts, Priyanka Chopra and Paris Hilton to name a few. The fresh and popping update for summer 2021 sees the baguette in the original size and shape of the 1997 version with the Fendi vertigo print: a unique swirling FF logo all over. You’ll see bright blues, yellows, lace, embroidered and sequined versions inspired from the original baguette. The brand also started a “Hand in Hand” campaign for the baguette. The campaign aims to find local artisans and craftsman to create the bag using their own unique techniques and skills. It’s this kind of business and artistic savyness that makes the creators at Fendi and the Fendi baguette, truly separate from the rest. The latest release features nano baguette bag charms and bigger sizes of the baguette alongwith crossbody straps, making it more versatile. It’s one of the most important bags in modern bag history. We guarantee you’ll find a piece that channels your true style with the hundreds of options available. We’re linking a few pieces here, but feel free to get in touch with us for many more options.

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