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29 September, 2021

Sneaker Talk: 5 Pairs To Nail Street Style In

The rise and rise of sneakers has us always on the lookout for the season’s must-haves. One image that comes up again and again in our research is the use of sneakers as a tool to express street style. From everyday people to global celebrities and style icons on Instagram, the love for sneakers screams loud everywhere. It’s one piece that clearly unites everyone and allows them to show off their unique style.

Recently, we shared 5 sneakers that every back-to-school mom needs and even did a Hermes sneaker face-off on our YouTube channel. We loved the response to them and decided to talk about the 5 sneakers you need if you want to nail that street style look. By definition, street style is what a common man on the streets wears to express himself and is truly unique. It has garnered much fame worldwide, as people in urban centers have mixed designer pieces with their day-to-day style and created something that even the fashion world feeds off of. Because all of this is infact happening on the “streets’ ‘, sneakers have become a regular feature in street style posts.

We can’t talk of sneakers and not talk of the ever popular Air Jordans. They’ve become representative of an era, and have been a part of street style for almost 40 years. Not so easy to source, but we have a cool color-block panel pair for you. It will definitely add a touch of color to your whole look and is a nod to your good sneaker-sensibilities. Take this pair on a grocery run, to a friend’s place, to a picnic – it’s a cool cross between athlete meets casual fun. Another envious pair of color-block sneakers that we can’t get enough of are the Gucci Basket pair. They’re the blazing neon high-top piece that will set any street style look on fire. Inspired by basketball sneakers and making a strong case for color-pop accessories, this is a playful piece we recommend.

credits: Farfetch

Looking for a chic piece that blends in with the formal wear too? Check out the slip-on Fendi vertigo logo ones. They are in the signature tobacco and black, making them more neutral. There’s no embellishment or embroidery, so they can be used with many different looks. You can wear ‘em under a black midi dress or step out in a tracksuit and these. A little more on the glamorous side are the Golden Goose pair. They’re covered in rainbow glitter and are a friendly reminder of growing up as a girl where half our toys/makeup were about glitter. The finish is distressed, the brand’s signature but glitter makes them every bit worthy of being worn under denims, dresses and skirts. Lot’s more to discover below; signing out with the hope that you find these finds useful. Happy shopping x

credits: Farfetch
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