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04 October, 2021

Make A Loud Statement With These Judith Leiber Slogan Pouches!

We love us a good sweatshirt with a slogan and even some mischevious words on a cell phone cover. They just add a little fun to your overall look and vibe. Words, slogans, quotes etc really allow you to show your fun side in a cool way.

This can certainly be overdone and go wrong if the quotes/slogans don’t quite nail the vibe you’re going for. Which is why, our current obsession has been the Judith Leiber word pouches that glitter and glisten like all other things the couture house makes. They’ve taken simple words to make these spirited pieces. The fun pouch can add an element of glamour to a simple look and make a huge difference!

There are a few pieces to choose from and each is roomy enough for your essentials. You can just as well pair it with a jeans and tee as with a dress or skirt. If you have post-work plans, just add it to your tote and take it out in the evening to transition from a structured look to a more perky one. They are satin-lined for a luxurious interior, and crystal-covered for that unreal sparkle on the outside. A dark piece for a night out would be the Oui pouch that features red & black crystals. It’s the perfect accompaniment to your LBD and adds some flavour to an otherwise run-of-the-mill look. Good enough to fit a lippy, handkerchief and a small mirror, you’ll feel you’ll have all you need and more from this pouch! Having a good time? Oui!

blog Judith Leiber Crystal Pouch

Next up are two gorgeous pieces that work for day and night gatherings. The Voila & Shook phrase pouches have silver crystals all over with the words written in a fun, rainbow font. That rainbow color makes them so much more youthful and quirky. They can be your go-to’s for lunches, tea’s and meetups with friends. Take them to a wedding and show your fun side. Take them on a date and make a loud statement with just one accessory. They will also make a gorgeous gift if you’re planning your holiday gifts already. Click the links below and speak to us to place your orders!

blog Judith Leiber Crystal Pouch
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