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31 March, 2021

Issey Miyake Does Pleats Like No Other – And Here’s Proof!

Issey Miyake is a name everyone is familiar with. The Japanese designer has a broad range of work and is known for his appetite to bring new ideas to life. Amongst his many famous and iconic pieces is his “Pleats Please” label under which pleated pieces are created by a technique that the design house patented in 1993. Why is it unique? Unlike the traditional way of creating pleats, where the garment is first pleated and then sewn, in Miyake’s technique the fabric is first cut and sewn and then the pleats are added. The best part about his technique is the heat that renders the pleats permanent – machine wash over and over again and they will still be intact!

Such is the power of a great product. Couple that with his design skills and you have a fabulous line of bright and playful garments that are great for everyday and ever so easy to wear. The line is mostly made up of polyester-jersey and you’ll find vibrant and flowy dresses, skirts, trousers and tops in the designers signature pleats. They are easy to spot and even though the label has been around for decades, it’s making a fresh impact on the younger generation now.

Take this Pink Pleated Scarf, for example. It’s an excellent piece of design. The scarf (which looks more like a kaftan) can be tied at the front or left open. The deep pink colour makes it hard to miss and you can build up the look with heavy accessories or keep it simple and flowy as is. We think this makes a great number to be worn out with friends. Just imagine how good the pictures will come out in this!


Similarly, this purple crop top is so impactful. The bold color, cut and unmissable pleats elevate what could’ve been your average top. Add a matching skirt to go monochrome or break the color with a black skirt and you’ll have a knockout piece that’s bound to get you compliments. It’s definitely a versatile piece and we’ll be adding it to our wishlist!


We hope you like the pieces that we’ve curated for you. It’s all about keeping a healthy mix of different designers and pieces in your wardrobe to truly reflect fashionable choices. And this one is not to be missed or overlooked. One bold piece goes a long way! Shop away 🛒

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