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14 December, 2021

7 Joyful Jumpers that are Topping Sweater Trends this Winter!

When it’s time to give an aesthetic boost to your winter style game, what better way to do that than rocking colorful sweaters? From plain and patterned pullovers to color-block beauties, this season is popping seriously chic glamour.

From social media fashionistas to your favourite celebrities, every maven is showing off their bold and playful collection of winter sweaters. Take a page from the books of Kendall Jenner and Elsa Hosk to rock color-block sweaters to beat the winter winds. (They both are killing it on the runways and roads!)

This time we’re not limiting ourselves to monochrome and basic pullovers, we are all about the color tones and blocks that rejuvenate your look and radiate positive energies. How? Let’s take a look at the fresh new pieces that are hitting the charts of fashion trends!

1. Blue Marine Ssense Exclusive Pink Hello Kitty Edition logo crewneck

Do you miss the 2000’s aesthetics? Take a dip of early aught nostalgia with our pink kitty pullover! This fine piece of sweater comes with a long sleeved rib knit wool with a graphic kitty at front. It’s definitely not just a wind-beater!


2. Ashley Williams Multicolor Cute Cardigan

Are you into having a splash of colors on your outfit? If yes, this multi-colored cardigan will do the trick for you! No need to waste time on the streets trying to find the right colors that hit your sweet spot of fashion because this cute cardigan is just what you need on a casual day out! Pair it with a black skirt and you’re all set to stroll!


3. KIKO KOSTADINOV Black Nina Lee Open Collar Sweater

Remember when stripes were dominating a while back? Hailey Bieber did a number on the audience with her striped black ‘n white sweater and we can’t forget how effortlessly stylish it looked. We’ve got something very similar but this time the sweater comes with multiple colors- Like ones witnessed in a sunset! It’s a sight to savor, right? It’s safe and graceful to go with the black trouser if you don’t have too many pairing options!


4. AGR Multicolor Open-knit Crew-neck Sweater

For all the mercurial maves of fashion, we’ve got a blast of essential colors that will buy you that energetic vibe we all crave at times! Yes, AGR has struck the fashion trends again and this time it’s the Mohair-blend sweater with all the right colors to ooze liveliness!


5. Green Ribbed Sweater by ACNE Studios

Craving some more cotton but worried if you’d be able to resist the winds of winter? Worry not! We’ve got you an apple of our eye! (It’s a green one!) It has also got a touch of black amidst all the rib-knit for a more appealing look! Pair it with your beachy blue trousers and be a day-time dream!


6. ANDERSSON BELL’s Multicolor Mountain Sweater

Remember when we talked about how color-blocks are making the waves this winter? This multicolored piece of beauty is the culprit here! Actually it’s color-blocked design that just makes everyone starry-eyed. We can’t help but look at it!


7. Balmain Rib-Knit Turtleneck

I’m something of a future myself’? Said by no one ever, except this off-white sweat with a metallic coating. You’re lucky this glamorous piece made our list. (Better late than never, they say). Wear this futuristic turtleneck by Balmain and declutter your style statement!


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