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21 April, 2021

5 Fabulous Eid Gifts to Gift Yourself

Does one ever need a reason to give gifts? Maybe. We feel indulging in a little self-love is always good for everyone. Therefore, you never need a reason to give yourself something. When was the last time you took out time for yourself? Can’t remember, right? Since it’s Eid, we decided to do an edit on 5 fabulous gifts you can give yourself and feel great inside out! Let’s make a start here…

There are fewer things more elegant and timeless than a good watch. It’s a safe investment too. Good watches last you a long time (even span generations) & because of their brand value, they add a classy touch to any look. Also, it’s a staple. Everyone needs a watch and by investing in a great piece, you’ll be doing yourself a favor. So, here’s presenting the first fabulous gift you can give yourself – the Hermés Heure H 21mm watch. It’s a classic piece – adorned with diamonds and a mother of pearl dial.

He alligator strap makes it a little edgy too. Think no more, hit add to cart and be done with it ✌


Speaking of edgy, we’re all for making a wild statement. You can make one too on Eid with the Judith Leiber Black Panther clutch. It’s covered in shimmering black crystals and is giving us all the glam feels. Some of you might think, why so exotic for Eid? Well, why not? Stand out from the rest of the crowd by adding this luxury bag to your collection. You can pair it with monotone dresses or even add an animal print kaftan to really up the ante. It’s wild, fun and very, very glamorous.


Jewellery as a gifting option always takes the cake. It’s easy to find and is a guaranteed pleaser. Ever since we’ve seen Eéra’s jewels, we’ve been head over heels for the brand’s modern aesthetic. The Tokyo earring, named after the city that inspired the brands very first design, is a pleasure to look at and so, so chic. It’s made from 18 Karat yellow and white gold and diamonds. You can pair it with other designs from the brand and experiment too. It’s definitely a fabulous gift that will make you feel like a million bucks!


To see more fabulous gifts to give yourself, simply scroll below. We’ve listed everything and hope you like the curated pieces. It’s time to take a break and give yourself some lovin’!

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