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08 October, 2021

Yay or Nay: Shackets!

For the uninitiated, shackets are a cross between a shirt and a jacket. A loose, casual piece of clothing that has become quite an Instagram and global phenomenon. You’ve probably seen them so many times on your feeds or in store but never knew what they were called!

We’re a bit on the fence about their popularity. They look kinda cool paired with jeans and a crop top and even a turtleneck. But should one really invest in one of these pieces?

credits: Instagram @fusunlindner & @indiaamoon

We’ve seen our favourite fashionista’s and global style icons wearing shackets and looking runway ready. You can totally just wear a shacket, boots and pouch bag and the look will still work. Why? Maybe because shackets are supposed to be worn in a casual, non-OTT way. So you don’t have to stress over styling them. They’re quite warm and the jacket-cut adds a structure to an otherwise oversized piece of winter clothing. It makes for a nice transition piece too. You can wear a crop top over jeans or a skirt, and add a big shacket on top to keep you safe from the winter breeze. Take it off when indoors, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds. It’s a breath of fresh air, after we’ve been seeing fitted blazers, jackets and sweaters done every winter, repeat after repeat. If your lifestyle and personal style is predominantly casual, we’d say shopping for one cute shacket is a great investment. Another factor to consider while shopping for shackets is the weather. If you live in a country that sees more winter than summers, it’s a good idea to keep one so that you have lots of winter wear options. If winters are short in your country, then you might want to skip them! We’ve curated some cool pieces for you and hope you like them. Scroll below to see the full list and shop x

Credit: Net A Porter
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