The Best Of Women’s Puffer Jackets, Boots & Bags For Winter!

Some clothing items are made for your downtown walk, and puffer jackets are one of them that do the job marvelously. The fact is, Puffer jackets have never been out of style since they were invented by the Aussie adventurer George Finch some hundred years ago. Between that day and now, puffer has always been running the outerwear show in fashion, and it’s incorporated into jackets, boots, and bags. Even if you aren’t a big fan of padded clothing items, you can always double them into a pillow. 

Brands That Have Amped Up Women’s Puffer Game In Winter Clothing!

For people still unsure if puffer is the right way to spend your winters or feel like it might be a boring way to live through them, chances are you haven’t seen the collections of brands like The North Face, Khaite, Gucci, etc. In fact ‘The North Face had a very successful collaboration with one of the biggest luxury brands, Gucci, and their padded jackets were one of the most sold items in the first quarter post-release. 

Celebrities & Influencers Are Obsessed With Puffer Outfits!

One of the hottest models in the fashion industry, Emily Ratajkowski, has been obsessed with ‘The North Face and their puffer jacket collection. She wore the orange and black puffer jacket in 2020 when she took over her then-boyfriend’s coat to feel warm and cozy. Afterward, we saw her wearing the pink Nuptse jacket and a Prada bag. That’s not it; The supermodel even wore the chocolate brown puffer jacket with her new boyfriend, Pete Davidson, as they looked cozy at the Knicks game. Apart from Emily Ratajkowski, Jennifer Lopez, Kendal Jenner, and other big-time celebrities and influencers have shown their love for the puffer pieces.

Credits: Vogue, NY Knicks/MSG Sports

How To Style Women’s Puffer Jackets, Boots & Bags?

That’s an excellent question! Ideally, everyone’s bringing puffers into jackets, but if you live in harsh wintery locations like Canada, you will need more than jackets to meet your weather needs. We recommend going head-to-toe puffer when temperatures go low to save yourself from the cold weather. Therefore, thawing yourself with padded boots and headbands would be practical. On some days, if you want to accessorize your winter outfit irrespective of what you’re wearing, you can always incorporate a puffer by pairing your padded shoes with a puffer bag. 

12 Puffer Pieces To Get You Through Winter Winds!

After seeing our favorite stars pull the puffers off smoothly, we took it upon ourselves to dig into the trendiest women’s puffer jackets, boots & etc. Here are some of the pieces our team has put together!

Isabel Marant Puffer Jacket

It’s not your ordinary jacket; this one from Isabel Marant has a feminine twist that will prove practical for versatile styling. Make it yours!

Miu Miu Recycled Puffer Coat

If you already have a padded jacket, try a coat straight out of a dollhouse. This Recycled coat is not only 100% chic but environmentally friendly. Take it!

Loewe Anagram Puffer Bomber Jacket

Hailey Bieber would love to don this gorgeous puffer jacket from Loewe, as she has already made an appearance with an oversized puffer bomber jacket. What’s stopping you? This one has got balloon-like anagram hardware too.

Prada Logo Puffer Down Jacket

Set a bar high for street-style fall fashion with this Prada jacket with a signature logo! Also, this down jacket has a high-neck style that will save you from freezing temperatures.

Moncler Bairon Faux Fur Trimmed Down Vest

It’s time to try something unique and classy, like a faux fur vest. It comes from Moncler, a brand that believes in taking versatile styling. Take this vest out on the streets and have everyone looking!

Saint Laurent Loulou Puffer Clutch Bag

If you’re looking to accessorize your winter looks, how about a clutch that speaks the language of glamor? This puffer clutch will keep your essentials warm and cozy. Like it?

Loewe Goya Small Leather Bag

The mini beige bag that blends in with any outfit is perfect for adding a puffer. Also, this bag has got a compact design with iconic anagram hardware. 

Canada Goose Cyprus Fold-down Puffer Boot

For the winter winds of Canada and the US, what better way to save your feet from getting blue than by having these Cyprus fold-down puffer boots to the rescue? Let them join the winter party!

Moncler Gaia Faux Trimmed Boots

Boots that are crafted from the glossy technical fabric are here to beat the coldest winds and elevate your confidence with chunky soles. Try them and let them do their job!

Gucci x The North Face Oversized Coat.

A coat that has Gucci’s essence and The North Face’s contemporary style is a combination that is hard to get by. Furthermore, it has got an oversized silhouette to make you feel relaxed at all times. 

The North Face Retro 1996 Nuptse Padded Jacket

The Jacket that Emily Ratajkowski and many other celebrities have worn, it’s one that not only keeps you warm but also makes sure you look fabulous. It has long sleeves and a two-tone design to meet your jacket needs.

The North Face Himalayan Puffer Jacket

Whether you like to ice-skate or travel across the freezing mountains for fun, this Himalayan puffer jacket is made for the coldest temperatures and will keep you warm no matter where you are. Want it?

Are you willing to take your chances on women’s puffer jackets? Talk to our secret shoppers and meet your winter needs now! 

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