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08 April, 2022

Why Fendigraphy Bag is our Top Eid Pick for 2022

Why do we think this sleek version of Hobo-bag does it all for the fashionistas all over the world? It’s practically our first Eid after the lockdown days, hence, you might want to try something new and trendy must-have, one that also goes with your joyful Eid attire.

We present you the chic and sleek fendigraphy bag; it deserves to be named as the top Eid pick owing to its sophisticated look.

Apart from the fact that the fendigraphy bag gives a sophisticated take on the bag trend, we think it’s because the bag can be styled up in different ways. Moreover, the bag also comes in a nano size that you can carry in your hand without any fuss.

This bag was getting popped up on our social media by top influencers such as Leonie Hanne and Carodaur and we think it’s going to stay in trends for quite some time. Keeping in view the latest trends in the fashion world when it comes to bags, we think this Fendigraphic treat aligns perfectly with the momentous occasion of Eid with its subtle characteristics.

Let us know what you think of the new Fendigraphy bag as the top pick of Ramadan 2022. 

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