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08 September, 2021

What to Wear: Yoga Class

This is for all our yogis – new, old and aspiring!

Whether you’re a pro or have recently started doing yoga, you realize the importance of proper yoga clothes especially if you’re taking a class. The last thing you want are pants rolling up or tops curling to distract you from an intense yoga pose

You can get away with loose tops and pants at home but trust us, you’ll be thankful for the leggings and a sports bra when you’re doing the Bridge or Boat in a class full of people. To keep it simple, you want to get pieces that are unrestrictive and allow for easy movement while being firm enough to let you hold a pose. We gave our options a long, hard look and chose the ones we thought would make for kickass yoga look without compromising on the actual doing-yoga bit.

We’re starting off with an important piece, the sports bra that will hold things in place. We love this piece by Tory Sports as it’s a neat neutral tone and has all the essentials we’re looking for: support, breathability and no hooks. If you’re doing a pose that involves lying on your back, those hooks sticking into your skin is not something you’ll want to deal with! To pair with this we’re loving the Alo Yoga yoga leggings that will be your companion to the class and a stopover at a cafe for a smoothie later. The high waistband will give you all the support you need during the workout. They’re made from the label’s signature moisture-wicking fabric that’s a big plus for any sportswear piece and it lends a defined shape to your legs too. Another thing you want to look up with yoga leggings is the opaque test. Stretch, bend and see if it becomes sheer because sheer tights are not a pretty sight in a buzzing yoga class. These two pieces make up the core of your yoga look and the rest are supporting partners to give you cover before & after a yoga session. Don’t miss some key accessories that will make this a kickass yoga look!

credits: Net-A-Porter

Pro’s will know that yoga mats are the accessory you want to invest in. It’s a niche not many have looked into but definitely what differentiate an amateur from a profesh yogi. So if you want to enter that yoga class and mean business, you better have a strong yoga-mat game. We spotted the Loewe x Paula’s Ibiza yoga mat that fits the bill perfectly. Made from soft rubber cushioning, comes with a trendy strap and is the designer piece your yoga life wants! Another useful accessory to your yoga workout are grip socks which we’ve listed below with a cool Nike windbreaker because the post-yoga walk needs just as much if not more swag. We hope you like the look and all the individual pieces we put together to create it. Scroll below to check them all out and order away x

credits: Net-A-Porter
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