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03 June, 2021

What to Wear To The Beach? These Fendi & Missoni Pieces Are Perfect For A Beach Vacation!

Who’s tired of staying home? We’re planning a super beach vacation to make the most of the summer sun and outdoors. While packing and planning, we were inspired to create a “What to Wear” to the beach look to nail all our vacay pictures and we would love to share it with you. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know by the now the two trends that have taken Spring/Summer ‘21 by storm: Color Pop & Raffia.

We decided to have fun with both and have choosen some great swimwear by Missoni and Raffia accessories by Fendi to stay relevant and trendy even on our vacation. Want to know more? Keep reading!

Missoni is known for its love of colors so while we were swimsuit shopping, we found the best combination of a swimsuit and matching overalls by Missoni. The crocket knit kaftan features a lace up neckline and cropped sleeves. The bright colourful zigzags all over are instantly recognizable. The kaftan itself is loose and great for when you’re not in the water and just want to chill on a beach bed with your favourite drink in hand and not a care in the world. Under this kaftan comes a matching swimsuit in the same colors and crocket-knit details. We fell in love instantly and had to have it. You can scroll to the end of the blog and shop it right now too!


Onto the next big thing for summer 2021: Raffia! The ways different designers have incorporated Raffia accessories into their collections is just awe-inspiring. From bright Dolce & Gabbana bags to the now famous Bottega sandals, we love the trend and everything available to shop. For our beach vacay look though, we were looking for neutral pieces to balance the colors in the swimsuit and so we choose the Sunshine Shoppers tote and braided Raffia sandals by Fendi. They both were made for the beach. Stuff your sunblock, towel, sunnies and all beach essentials in the tote. The braided sandals will be your go-to outdoors sandals for summer 2021 – we promise!


No beach look is complete without a necessary straw hat to save us from the bright sun. We love this matching Loro Piana one that is a lasting investment and can be worn to all activities that involve water & sun! Lastly, add some simple jewelery to make you look just a touch dressy and voila! You’re ready for the beach vacation you so deserve. All the amazing pieces we just described are linked below for you to explore and shop!

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