Valentino’s One Stud Bag is the New Fashion Obsession in 2022!

Valentino has spoiled the A-listers and influencers with their chic purses, V logo handbags, and accessories. This time, they have marveled at forming a new star bag that has stormed into the fashion world in the blink of an eye. The staple that has been a sight to behold is Valentino One Stud Bag.

What’s so Special about the Valentino’s One Stud Bag?

Several social media stars, celebrities, and supermodels have outshone the fashion scenes with Valentino’s one stud bag. It’s one bag easily spotted because of its simplistic yet edgy look, but that is not the only reason this it-bag is an obsession this year. Here are the four elements that make this v-bag an eye-candy for anyone who wants to carry a bold attire:

  1. An iconic rock stud at the bag’s center
  2. Bright Color Offerings
  3. Soft Nappa Leather with Gold Chain
  4. The envelope-shaped appeal

How did this V Logo Bag Catch the Limelight?

Since its release this year, one stud envelope bag has been seen in many events, Pierpaolo Piccioli’s Spring Collection of 2022 or celebrity-endorsed campaigns. Apart from that, the social media stars could stay behind; Notable influencers such as Elsa Hosk, Leonie Hanne, and many TikTokers joined the supremacy of the V logo one stud bag. 

Celebrities Who Wore the One Stud Bag 


zendaya with her stud bag
Credits: Valentino

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway with her purple bag
Credits: Vogue

Reign of Bold Colors with One Stud Valentino Bag

These celebrity faves are available in all bright and bold colored hues. Simply put, we can say, ‘for every mood, there’s a one-stud hue.’

yellow one stud crossbody bag

Valentino Garavani One Stud Crossbody Bag in Yellow!

On a bright sunny day, what’s better than this Nappa leather staple with a bold yellow color!

pink valentino one stud crossbody bag

Valentino Garavani One Stud Crossbody Bag in Pink

Blossom like a pink roman queen in monochrome colors and stun the lookers!

brown valentin one stud crossbody bag

Valentino Garavani One Stud Crossbody Bag in Brown

Charming and brown, it’s a snack you want to take everywhere with you!

black valentino one stud crossbody bag

Valentino Garavani One Stud Crossbody Bag in Black

The black and gold combo is for every attire, whether your street style look or a weekend get-together party!

blue valentino one stud bag

Valentino Garavani One Stud Crossbody Bag in Blue

End your summer blues with this Nappa petrol blue beauty!

Liked this new offering? Browse all the available options in Valentino one stud bag and be the bold queen of the year. Speak to us!

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