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29 April, 2021

This Emerald Green Look for Eid Will Make You Swoon!

The clock is ticking and if you still haven’t put together your Eid look, we’ve got news: it’s not going to put itself together! Luckily, for those of you who’ve been running late, we’ve done the heavy lifting and put some fabulous pieces together to create an Eid look with a focus on Emerald green. Why Emerald green? It’s rich, decadent and gives an oh-so-luxurious vibe. Perfect for Eid! Checkout the pieces we used to create the look below and don’t forget to shop now so that your orders can arrive in time for Eid.

The star of this look is the breathtaking SemSem gown. It’s made from pissé-satin and has a row of Swarovski crystal encrusted buttons on the front. The color, the pleats and the cut of this gown are everything! There is no way you won’t get compliments after wearing this on Eid. It’s also a great addition to your wardrobe – it can be worn to any formal occasion. Order it now so you can have it before Eid day!


The perfect contrast to our opulent green gown is this Judith Leiber Heart Corazón clutch. It’s fitted with multi-coloured crystals that depict vibrant flowers – which will look stunning against the emerald green of the dress. Judith Leiber’s pieces require no introduction. They are truly unique and each piece takes a meticulous process to create. Adding one of her creations to your Eid look will definitely make your day more special.


Are you loving the look so far? We love to research, mix & match pieces till they all fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. This one has a few pieces missing and we’ll take you through them now.

Every time you stride in the flowy SemSem gown or sit down, the one thing that should really pop are your shoes. Keeping the contrast alive in those is vital to creating an impact. Therefore, we chose these sparkling Aquazzura sandals to add to under the dress. They are multi-coloured with straps and will shine every time you step out!


Now let’s get the show on the road with some hot accessories! Eid is nothing if not an occasion to dress a little extra. The Gucci earrings we picked for this dress are a true definition of extra and have a hint of green that brings out the color of the dress even more. Hermés timepieces are ever so elegant and really require no motivation to buy. This particular piece is fitted with 89 diamonds and has a bright pink strap to continue the contrasting theme. Add the Gucci aviators when you step out and hun, trust us, this Eid you’ll put the best in fashion to shame with your haute picks! All items are linked below, so scroll below and shop now to get the Eid look together in time ⏱

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