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The One Wardrobe Item Everyone Is Overlooking

By January 26, 2021March 5th, 2021No Comments

The One Wardrobe Item Everyone Is Overlooking

 Every it-girl wants to be known for her great aesthetics and taste in fashion. But did you know you’re missing out on one important wardrobe staple that could really cement your place as an authority on fashion? We’ve seen all kinds of garment pieces & accessories being re-imagined from sleeves, bags, dresses, and even eyewear. There’s one item that gets easily overlooked… P A N T S. Yep. We take most of our pants for granted and hardly experiment with different cuts and colors to make a statement. Today on our blog & Instagram stories, we’ll be showing you some great and brave choices for pants that every fashion follower needs in their kitty. Starting off with a punch, we have printed linen layered pants by Cult Gaia. If you scroll below this blog, you’ll be able to see the punch I’m talking about. The color x pattern and most importantly, the layered cut make these pants a hit on our list. Next, the Margot cropped cotton-velvet tapered pants by RTA deserve a serious mention here. As the name suggests, they are hardly your average black pants. The tapered details and fabric make them stand out and how! For picture details just scroll below. We’ve also nailed the perfect experimental pants for an evening or more formal affair. The David Koma satin embellished and feather-trimmed pants will get you noticed anywhere you go. Pair them with a matching top from the same brand, or keep it simple with a neutral satin top. The pants will do all the talking. To really push the envelope, shop the Palmer/Harding layered straight-leg pants (scroll below for pictures). Is it a skirt? Is it a pant? Who can tell? Keep them guessing and wanting more with these stylish bottoms. We have many more pieces that are sure to catch your eye and make your wardrobe staples go up a notch (or two). What’s stopping you? All hip & stylish pants are linked below.


Maraise layered printed linen and TENCEL Lyocell-blend wide-leg pants


Margot cropped cotton-velvet tapered pants


Cropped feather-trimmed crystal-embellished satin wide-leg pants


Felix crepe wide-leg pants


Reona layered grain de poudre straight-leg pants


Draped twill straight-leg pants


+ NET SUSTAIN Geografia Botanica cropped shirred printed organic cotton-voile tapered pants

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