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23 March, 2022

Rise of Cargo Pants for Women & How to Style them in 2022

Whether you love cargo pants or have an indifferent opinion about it, believe it or not, they have made a block-buster entry under the Y2K umbrella. But what’s different this time? They have dominated an era and at one time, that’s all you could see on those Y2K oriented tv shows whether it’s men or women. However, they have always been associated with laid-back and particularly convenient outfits such as lounge-wears. Let’s debunk the common perception about these pants first; yes, they are convenient to slip into and they definitely have a laid-back vibe to them. But this time around, the world has witnessed a new wave of cargo pants aesthetics that will change our minds about them. (We definitely aren’t saying convenient clothes should be looked down upon!)

Whether it’s an A-lister like Kendall Jenner or other social media influencers/models, one thing is for sure, these cargo pants are a need of the hour which is why they are seen everywhere. The reason being is, they offer different functionalities now that they are available in different styles. Top designers like Givenchy and Esabel Marant have crafted their own designs that ooze a Y2K vibe and a modern touch. Anyone who’s down with trying cargos on occasions other than lounge-time chilling can also have a number of options to choose from to rock this trend.

Here are a few questions that might be surfacing our minds when it comes to the functional part of cargos:

Are cargo pants business usual?
Do they offer different style options?
What could we possibly wear with the cargo pants?

Yes, these are all important questions!

How to Style Cargo Pants?

Our stylists have pondered upon these concerns and shared different ways to rock these trend:

1. Camouflage Cargos the Military Way!

Cotton Cargo Camouflage Trousers by I Love my Pants

It’s not your ordinary pants, these cotton cargo pants define ‘beauty meets practical’ attire. If your wardrobe is lacking in this area, these pants are the must-haves for you. If you want to pull off a street style look, pair it with your white t-shirt and you’re good to go!

2. Make them Sporty!

Nike Women’s Multicolor Jordan New Classics 2.0 Pants
Coming in with a loose style, these women’s trousers will make your life much easier by taking your comfort to the next level. It can practically be worn with any piece of cloth in your wardrobe which is why it made the cut.  We love the asymmetric cargo pockets!

3. A Classic Lounge-wear

Alexander Wang Black Carpenter Lounge Pants

If you’re looking for a signature cargo in black, these relaxed cut trousers are a way to go! It can be worn with a loose jersey to have casual day attire.

4. Make noise with Party-ready Cargos!

Tom Ford Women’s Green Viscose and Linen Cargo Pants

What’s more comfortable and party perfect than these linen pants with the runway style glory. The front and side pockets of these pants are what you need in a cargo and these pants won’t disappoint!

5. Go Khaki!

Dion Lee’s Khaki Frayed Rope Cargo Pants

What’s more epic than cargos that come in khaki color? We suggest you drop your ordinary cotton pants for these and kill two birds with one stone. Having four pocket styling, these high-rise pants come with a patch pocket at outseams.

6. Hit Nostalgia with the Baggy Denims!

Off-white Dyed Cotton Denim Cargo Pants

This seven-pocket beauty has us all going nostalgic over it! Wear these and reminisce of the 2000’s when times were good and people had a less complex style statement. Wear it with a t-shirt and make a signature cargo impact on the lookers!

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