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23 April, 2021

PVC Shoes: Yay or Nay?

PVC shoes have been around for a while. The biggest designers in the business have PVC shoe’s in their collections. Why then is PVC so controversial? Well for some it isn’t. People seem to love the transparent shoe phenomenon.

There are others however who find them tacky and the antithesis of anything luxurious. Yet, luxury shoe designers seem to love PVC and keep churning out designs one after the other. People who aren’t quite sold on PVC shoes have other reasons too. For one, you can see your toes wrinkle and crinkle up inside the shoe. It’s not a good aesthetic and one that is even worse if you’ve hadn’t had a recent pedi!

Other than your feet scrunching up against the shoe, there is also the issue of no ventilation. This means some people’s shoes fog up when they sweat as PVC provides no passage of air. Keeping all of these issues in mind, people generally have mixed opinions about PVC shoes. We’re here to know your thoughts? Which side of the spectrum are you on?

Having said that, the luxury PVC shoes available on the market are just too stunning to miss. Because it’s transparent, PVC lends a very fairytale aesthetic when paired with crystals. Embellishment often seems to be “floating” or stamped on one’s foot as you can’t see the PVC from a distance.

We’ve got gorgeous pairs from Aquazzura, Alexandre Vauthier, Amina Muaddi and others that will blow your mind away. They’ll also pair so perfectly with your Eid dresses!

Have a look at these gorgeous Aquazzura mules. They have a running line of crystals on the PVC strap and the heel is accented with a disco ball. They’re so stunning and will look great with anything because of the transparent color. Gianvito Rossi’s Crystelle sandal also has delicately placed crystals trimming the PVC strip and going all the way up around the ankles. Understated glamour? We’re all in for these styles! getting Shop these stunning styles and more by just scrolling below and adding your fav’s to the cart. Hope we changed your mind with these great options. Your opinion matters to us, so let us know what you think by getting in touch on our multiple social platforms. Happy shopping!

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