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Pointed Toe Trainers are Trending & Here’s All You Need to Know

Pointed Toe Trainers are Trending & Here’s All You Need to Know

Sneaker lovers, are you reading this? Over the past few decades, the sneaker/trainer has seen a makeover in many ways. From high-tops, to all purpose & eventually luxury, we’ve seen it all. But believe us when we say, nothing prepared you for whats coming now – pointy trainers! Yes. Much like pointed pumps, pointed flats; we now have pointy trainers joining the league too.

It’s definately one of those trends that takes getting behind. Not instantly likeable. But, they’re still trending. Just like we thought we’d never like exaggerated fringe or leather dresses, maybe this will trickle down too. What’s your take? Are you on board or regular trainers are your thing?

Have a look at these Miu Miu low-top trainers. They really are a hybrid between pointed pumps and sneakers. Just add a small heel and you’ll have yourself sneaker heels! (We’re not writing this off, anything is possible in 2021)

The AZ Factory does a more colorful version, possibly more wearable even under a more formal choice of attire. We love these because they really add that much needed color to the whole look.

Which ones of these is on your wishlist? Or are you going to wait it out? Let us know about your choice so we can do more fun yay or nay pieces for you & hear your voice. For now, if these pointy trainers sit well with you then just scroll below & shop them right away!

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Pointy Sneaks sneakers
pointed toe slip-on sneakers

B-Runner sneaker
Miu Miu
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