06 June, 2022

The Viral Miu Miu’s Micro Mini Skirt Trend is so Lit, Hurts!

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Summer brings a sexy twist that will make you rethink the mini-skirt fashion trend for good. Call it a nightmare of your strict old folks or it-girls crave, let’s admit the Miu Miu micro mini skirt supremacy is upon us!

According to People Magazine, Micro mini skirts got viral when on the set of Vanity Fair 2022, Nicole Kidman was asked to wear a dress  Nicole Kidman had to beg for the Miu Miu’s latest micro mini skirt even if it meant taking a bold for the event but her interest was piqued when she another dress that was particularly short and too bold. And the rest is history! To our surprise, she’s not the only one who has been spotted wearing the trendy mini-skirt; the list includes some of the biggest megastars and social media influencers with the likes of Hailey Bieber and our favorite Mary Jane, Zendaya. The edgy two-piece included a belted bralette and a micro mini skirt that was first introduced at Milan Fashion Week last year. And our first impression of that look was flabbergasting (In a good way of course). However, it is not for people who aren’t keen on showing off their tanned legs though it is available for everyone in all sizes, as long as the person wearing it is comfortable in her skin.

Credits: People Magazine

On another note, this viral trend is taking over the streets of Paris as well and the fashion nazis are calling it the ‘it item’ of the season owing to its full-blown reach. Tempted?

How to pull off Miu Miu’s Micro Mini Skirt Trend?

It is a very good question, indeed!

If you’re in a tiny skirt mood or willing to give a try the bold and extra short clothes, you can find inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest and meet your style needs. 

Anyone who’s on social media can find a number of outfits that are worn by influencers and fashionistas such as Leonie Hanne and others.

Talking about feeling comfortable in our own skin, why don’t we take a look at the two picks that will let you express your sexy side in the same way as all the a-listers and fashionistas who are donning the gorgeous mini skirts.

Miu Miu’s Cotton Miniskirt

Yes, it’s the ‘it-piece’ that has dominated the runways and streets! Made from the purest cotton, this skirt has got sharp pleats and a low-rise waist. Imagine yourself wearing this beauty as you step out of the house to attend your friend’s birthday party or a daytime event, and have everyone looking and sending compliments for the bold attire. Quite a moment, right? If you’re confused about what to wear with this ultra-short mini skirt, check out how it was worn on the runway ‘22 spring last year. We recommend you go with the Miu Miu skirt set and keep experimenting with the crop top!

Miu Miu’s Prince-of-Wales Checked Mini Skirt

One shade of grey is enough to make anyone drool if it comes in the micro mini skirt from Miu Miu. What’s special about this piece? If you’re considering buying this one, you can try different options because this one goes with the belted bra and your favorite button-down shirt, depending on what kind of statement you want to make on the occasion. If we’ve got to highlight one thing that really got to us when deciding our top picks, it would be the Prince of Wales Checked effect!

If you’re looking for more options to don the mini skirts the right way, speak to our expert shoppers who will render a personalized styling experience tailored to your needs.

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