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LV Blossom Jewellery Is The Answer To Smart Spring Bling!

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LV Blossom Jewellery Is The Answer To Smart Spring Bling!

One can never have enough jewellery pieces. There are those that we wear on occasion & those we have for everyday. Jewellery is also one of the hardest accessories to part with, imho. You can giveaway/sell old bags, clothes, even shoes, but jewels are so special. The best pieces are always passed on to the most important people in our lives.

With that thought, we’re introducing the modern, smart & chic Louis Vuitton Blossom Jewellery collection that ticks all the boxes! The bracelets, rings, necklaces are all very wearable for that little everyday bling. As you all know by now, this collection features the stunning Louis Vuitton monogram flowers and well, we’re already crazy about those aren’t we? Checkout the stunning stacked bracelets below.

Louis Vuitton loves monograms. That’s not hard to guess. But the creativity with which it explores & glorifies it’s monogram takes our breath away every time. It’s easy to see the hardwork & craftsmenship that went behind making these jewellery pieces perfect. Set in mother of pearl with hints of color, it’s perfect for Spring. The Star Blossom bracelet is made with 18k gold & set in diamonds. We love how stacking them creates a mix of bling & color, suitable for building up after-work looks and wearing just one piece for a more formal environment.

Have you had a look at the rings? There’s nothing small or subtle about them. They really want to be seen! They’re made from yellow gold, white gold & diamonds. They’re elegant & playful. Wearing even one piece will create quite an impact. The gorgeous B Blossom Rings features the signature monogram flower of Louis Vuitton, with four diamonds.

If you were looking for a trusty Mother’s Day Gift, this collection is perfect. Not too much, not too little. Just the best harmony of design & bling. You can even gift yourself a few pieces and pamper yourself 🌈 All items are linked below so you can have a look and chat with us about what you want 🛍

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