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14 November, 2022

The Clash Of Two Leather Hobo Bags: YSL’s 5A7 VS Valentino V-logo Bag!

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It’s the ultimate face-off of two iconic leather hobo bags that have ruled 2022’s fashion. One comes from the House of Saint Laurent, and the other holds Roman glory. Therefore it’s hard to pick one because of the fact that both offer premium leather and specifications that are second to none in the fashion world. However, our editors have taken it upon themselves to dissect which leather hobo bags would perform well.

Which Leather Hobo Bags Are Better Between YSL & Valentino?

Both brands offer style and versatility for fashionistas worldwide, and social media influencers never get enough hobo bags from one of these houses. But to make it enjoyable, we have created a review video on Saint Laurent’s Le 5 à seven or the Valentino V-logo bag.

Saint Laurent 5A7 logo-plaque shoulder bag

Valentino Garavani VLogo leather shoulder bag

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