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24 September, 2021

How To Take Care Of Your Luxury Bags – Patent, Suede & Nappa Leather Cleaning Guide

How we wish we could own a Kardashian-level walk-in bag closet and have a separate section dedicated just to Hermés bags. It’s every stylista’s dream and we all try to emulate what we can from our favourite style icons. One thing often overlooked and underestimated is the amount of care and love our bags need after we purchase them. Yes, we put in a lot of thought and effort into making the purchase and even taking it out every now and then. But we forget how to care for our handbags like they should be taken care of. Personalized Shopper and Stylist Services London at Haute Secret Shoppers.

Believe us, showing some love to our luxury accessories will make them last much longer and if you happen to sell a piece, you can fetch a better price for a well-cared for piece than a neglected one. We started this series with a how-to take care of piece on exotic bags and this is an extension of that.

Today, we’ll take you through some ways on how to take care of your specific leather bags and add years to their lives.

Patent Leather: Patent leather is very commonly used to make bags and shoes and it’s a treatment where a glossy lacquer is poured over leather to give it a shiny finish. A tough leather to maintain once it has scratches or develops “stickiness” overtime. The best way to take care of your patent leather bag therefore is, to protect it. This shiny finish can routinely be cleaned simply by using a clean cloth, can be a damp microfibre cloth and by storing it carefully in a dust bag. This type of leather can develop dye stains from other things so keep lighter coloured patent leather bags away from any coloured object that might stain it. Lastly, regular leather cleaners don’t work on patent leather. So only purchase those specifally made to maintain the shiny and glossy appeal of patent leather. As with all bags, extreme temperatures are bad and it’s always best to store them in a cool, dry place.

credits: Farfetch

Nappa Leather: Nappa is a soft and smooth leather that’s also very popular and is made from the hairy side of animal skin. It’s porous nature makes permanent discolourations inevitable if not looked after properly. A great everyday tool for wiping it down it a clean cloth. That’s all it takes to clean the surface of your nappa leather bag. Using a good nappa cream will allow it to retain it’s smooth finish and give a clean look. If you notice a stain, instantly use a dry cotton cloth to dab it. It that doesn’t work, dampen a cloth in soapy water and dab it on the stain lightly. Use a regular damp cloth to dab away the soap. Let it air dry or use a dry cloth first to absorb maximum moisture.

Suede Leather: This goes without saying, but keep your suede leather bag away from water. It stains and ruins the suede pattern. Suede is definitely one of the more sensitive of leathers and requires immediate and precise care. If you have a beloved suede bag, it’s good to invest in some tools that will help keeping it clean. A suede brush and some vinegar or rubbing alcohol. The brush is good to rub gently to loosen any stain or mark. It is also a useful tool to periodically remove dust from the bag and keep it looking neat and bright. The rubbing alcohol and vinegar are safe to use on suede and don’t stain it. Rather help grime and stains to come out. If you don’t have any of the above, try using a clean eraser and “erase” the stain with it. You can follow with a brush to fluff the grains.

credits: Farfetch
We hope this guide was useful in helping you care for these specfic types of leathers. Let us know which guide we should do next for you guys? Till then, shop these amazing leather bags below and follow a care routine to keep them looking perfect ✅
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