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11 October, 2022

Head-to-toe Hot Pink Outfits are Taking Over Roads & Fashion Shows!

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With Valentino throwing pink PP parties around the globe, we can’t dismiss the impact of pink on the fashion world. A while ago, we covered the viral barbie core aesthetic that was triggered soon after the Barbie movie was announced with pictures of Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie. With breast cancer awareness week and Valentino’s PP parties this time, it’s almost serendipitous that everything related to pink is falling into place simultaneously.

Celebrities & Influencers Who Wore Pink in The Recent Times!

Be it an awareness campaign for breast cancer, Valentino PP party or Barbie-inspired clothing, our favorite megastars like Zendaya and  Dua Lipa and social media influencers like Leonie Hanne, Chiara Ferragni, Carodour, and many others have donned hot pink with absolute perfection. Valentino in their parties just oozed pink, and the netizens loved that pink is in the air this year. 

Credits Vogue

The all-pink charade has just begun! Valentino Garavani brings head-to-toe fashion statements to life. Balenciaga, Christian Louboutin, Jacquemus, and many others have hot pink collections to die for! Each one of them offers the chicest pink treats. 

On many occasions, celebrities who have worn hot pink this year have adorned their looks with pink power suits, platform shoes, and an overall head-to-toe chunky appearance. Apart from that, you can pair your all-pink outfit with barbie-Esque makeup that sprues up your look. 

The trend does not also star female actresses, models, and influencers on the front line, but men aren’t far behind either. 

Credits: Vogue

Say ‘Hello’ to the hot pink Ranveer Singh effect that has stunned lookers worldwide. One of our favorite stars and the man who played ‘Bucky’ in the Avengers, Sebastian Stan, also shows off his pink statement making people call him ‘Sebastian Ken’. (It indeed has a ring to it!)

Create a Hot Pink Look with These Items!

Hot pink outfits can easily be ruined if you’re not picking the right pieces and ingredients to create a look that amazes people! Here are some articles that will get you the fall barbie vibes you need!

Saint Laurent Acetate Sunglasses

Already a fan of the newly coming barbie movie? These acetate sunglasses ooze serious doll vibes and are perfect for your fall looks. Let’s go, barbie, let’s go party!

Jacquemus Oversized Wool Jacket in Pink

How often have you seen a similar pink jacket worn by fashionistas on the roads and runways in the era of hot pink? It’s the best time to be at your A-game with pink when all the divas and sass queens are doing the same! 

Christian Louboutin Paloma Leather Clutch

You have no compulsion to choose a particular type of bag as long as you’re following the rule of head-to-toe pink! This clutch is one of a kind released by Christian Louboutin, and carrying it will be a treat to watch. 

Balenciaga C-shaped Micro Faille Puffer Jacket

Some like the power in their dress but some like it puffy! Are you someone who wants to make their fall pink-tastic? If yes, this Balenciaga beauty will do just that and more!

Valentino Wool & Silk Crepe Pants

If there’s anything chicer than these crepe pants, it’s the color they come in. There is no subtitle for pants that frame your body nicely and make you achieve the look you desire! Wear it with a coordinating outfit!


This midi-dress jersey is from the realm of sheer elegance and padded glory! With asymmetrical construction and a silhouette that is to die for, this pink treat is going to charm everyone in the crowd full of fashionistas! Who wants it?

Valentino Garavani Large One-stud Leather Shoulder Bag

Many social media influencers have graced the streets and fashion shows with the popular one-stud shoulder bag Valentino’s, one of the most highly sought-after creations in recent times. This minimalistic pink bag with one big stud is perfect for finishing your head-to-toe pink look!

Valentino Garavani 100 mm Patent Leather One Stud Pump!

Without pumps, your barbie-esque look is incomplete! Indeed there’s no better way to complete your season’s hot pink look than donning these one-stud pumps that know nothing else but to glam hard!

Mach & Mach 100mm Double-bow Leather Pumps

Want to go for something more opulent such as a bow? You name it! These double-bow leather pumps will make your pink dreams come true. Pair them up with a coordinating outfit!

Bottega Veneta 90mm Mesh Pumps

Who wants a pair of shoes that are practical yet effortlessly stylish? These mesh pumps are so comfortable; they are made for every foot! Make them your permanent wardrobe fixture now!

Pick these pieces and embrace the feminine power of pink to full bloom! Talk to our secret shoppers and consult for a personalized shopping experience!

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