Modern Grunge Aesthetic Outfits Are Making A Comeback!

Many fashion trends have been resurrected this year, including the coquette aesthetic or monochrome dressing. However, our favorite 90’s trend has been in the fashion news this time, thanks to Bottega Veneta. Apart from the brands, several influencers and celebrities have understood the grunge assignment, and Rihanna is one of them. She even made goth grunge look cool; have a look:

Credits: BET

What is Grunge Aesthetic in 2022?

It’s all about the 90s and noughties nostalgia that revolves around wearing untidy-looking clothes to appear calm and ultra cool, like people who like to be young, wild, and accessible. When we say ‘untidy,’ it doesn’t necessarily mean being untidy but having a less formal look and more on the messier side. Grunge aesthetic outfits include denim, checkered shirts, and everything funky and casual with a flair of the noughties era.

Think Kate Moss and Johnny Depp from the 90s to fully understand the trend’s core. It comes from the high-octane pop culture prevalent in the late ’80s and ’90s. However, one person who genuinely owned this look was Kurt Kobain, the band ‘Nirvana’s lead vocalist. 
Talking about the modern grunge style, the aesthetic comes with a little twist; this time, the polished factor is associated with the grunge look. Take a look at Bottega Veneta’s recent collection ’23, showcased at the Milan Fashion Week, and you’ll get an idea of what’s different about the grunge style this time.

Credits: Bottega Veneta

8 Ways To Rock Modern Grunge Aesthetic Outfits

As said before, you wouldn’t need to become a rockstar to appear like a rockstar, and these grunge aesthetic outfits will ensure you are acing the style.

Gucci 50mm Gucci Quilted Leather Combat Boots

From the exquisite Gucci collection, these combat boots are something Rihanna would love to wear as it goes by her grunge-core aesthetic. What’s stopping you? They’ve got the quilted leather to look extra cool.

Dsquared2 Distressed Denim Midi Skirt

Without denim pieces, your wardrobe lacks the grunge side of fashion, and this distressed denim midi skirt is here to fill your closet. It comes from the latest collection of Dsquared2, which is all about extra funk.

Blumarine Crepe rose & thorns mini dress.

Who’s up for adding a gothic touch to the casual style statements? This one indeed passes the vibe check with Wednesday Addams. It has the rose and thorns, the elements from the gothcore.

Rick Owens Check Wool Blend Shirt

Are you looking to layer a shirt over your t-shirt for a funky vibe? Here’s what our stylists recommend: a wool blend shirt with a checkered style. Pair it with your denim jeans to complete the look.

Self-portrait Crystal fishnet stretch midi dress

Sheers and fishnets are trending, so why not bring gothic fishnets to the grunge game and make your statement look ultra-rocking? It has got the stretch for your comfort, too!

Marni Distressed Crop Cotton Knit Sweater

You always need a chic sweater in the fall, ensuring you’re on top of your casual game this winter. A cotton knit sweater with a distressed style mastered by the artisans of Marni.

Marine Serre Geotic Devoré Velvet Top

Are you going to a concert where you have to be extra funky in your vibe? An all-over print top could be a great option. This one comes with the finest velvet fabric from the house of Marine Serre, and the style speaks for itself.

Like these grunge aesthetic outfits? Talk to our secret shoppers for a personalized shopping experience to meet your grunge needs!

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