Get to Know the Kelly Bag!

It’s a good day to be a Hermés Kelly fan! Why? Because boy, have we got the lot to make you weak in the knees. Yeap, read that again. With a high profile clientele, Hermés bags have always been highly desired and revered to as the epitome of success and social ascension. Why is the Kelly bag so popular? Skilled craftsmenship, meticulous attention to detail, unique colored dyes and as most of you might already know, the Hermés Kelly bag was renamed to it’s current version after Hollywood star and Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly used it to cover her bump from the paperazzi once. It became an iconic bag, like most Hermés designs. It helps to know your desired size and colors & make things specfic when ordering an Hermés. Speaking in Hermés is also an acquired talent, actually. K25 Pourpre Shiny Gator might sound like a nuclear code to some, but actually outlines the design, size, material and color of your bag in one go. We have your favourites K20, K25, K28 ….and in so many hot selling colors and materials that you’ll be blown away. If you’re a veteran and know your Kelly’s like the back of your hand, that’s great. If you’re a Kelly virgin, don’t worry, we have a detailed edit ready for you to view on our Instagram account, so click (here) and watch our stories to know what we have curated for you. Don’t miss this great opportunity to get your hands on the most coveted bags on the planet! We’ve mentioned all of them below. Hurry before they find a new home 🛍

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