Get Preppy With Gucci As The Gossip Girl Wardrobe Makes A Back!

For the uninitiated, before Gossip Girl and Ralph Lauren made us fall in love with well-groomed and neatly dressed teens, the preppy look had already been popular in the USA since the early 1900s. It was a way of dressing for pupils attending expensive preparatory schools who continued the tailored look after graduating. It gained a lot of momentum and hype, and throughout the past century, we’ve seen many notable brands create pieces that appeal to the tailored and sophisticated aesthetic like Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, etc. We couldn’t be happier. For one, it makes us channel our inner Upper East Sider. Second, you can never look bad in a preppy look! Gucci is the one luxury brand that creates the best pieces to build a solid preppy look.

They have the right amount of tailoring, punch of color, and monograms that align correctly to make anyone look intelligent and sophisticated with a hint of fun.

There are some basics that we all need to know to dress preppy without overdoing it. Firstly, add one bold and bright-colored piece to keep it fun. You can keep them muted and, in the pastels, zone to create a softer look. Second, focus on one element that the look hinges on. It can be a varsity jacket, a navy cable knit sweater, or an embroidered blazer. Lastly, turn to neutrals to balance the colors. Gucci has all these and more to help you build the right preppy look, keeping it fresh & 2021! Let’s start with loafers. The horsebit-detail, monogram canvas loafers are EVERYTHING. They breathe new life into your run-of-the-mill loafers. The elevated rubber soles, web trim all along the shoes, and square-toe design make them pop. They should be your go-to shoes, we insist!


Those aren’t the only shoes you’ll love from Gucci. There are also the Horsebit and Web stripe leather loafers with a heel for days when you want a no-nonsense look. This pair (and all heeled loafers from Gucci) are all about sophistication, period. They can be your work shoes (hell, yes!) or when you want to stand out at any smart-casual social affair. On the opposite end of the spectrum (yet still very much preppy), we’ve also shortlisted the red leather open-toe Gucci sandals with the signature horse-bit detail. They are more suitable for wearing underdresses, skirts, and casual attire.

black shoes

The main essence of any look is nailing the accessories. For Gucci fans, you already know that they decide that department too. For a quirky, preppy look, we suggest going for bright pieces, like the monogrammed green headband or bright blue Horsebit 1955 handbag by Gucci. This piece gets a facelift by adding interwoven straw alongwith the bright blue leather, making it a perfect summer accessory. Need more monograms? Don’t fret; the matching colorful blue socks with the GG monogram all over will work with the neutrals in your look and make your look pop. All the items are linked at the end of the blog; scroll below and shop.

blue gucci bag

Lastly, varsity-inspired shirts and neat sweater vests get the signature Gucci our nod of approval too. We have fallen head over heels for this knitted wool-blend vest with a …wait for collar! Yes, a cream-colored silk collar elevates the argyle printed sweater vest, adding a feminine touch to the whole look. We know it’s the summers, but if you’re planning on vacationing in the colder countries or even stocking up for later, this is our pick. We loved sharing these hot pieces right off an Ivy Leaguer’s Instagram account with you and can’t wait for you to have some fun and create your take.

Zeeshan Amjad

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