23 January, 2023

 Evening Menswear Trends To Shop From Paris Fashion Week ‘23!

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It’s all about the men in black!

We’re still mesmerized by the latest menswear trends that were showcased at Paris Fashion Week by Yves Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana, and others. While plenty of outfits impacted the runway sessions, we’ve narrowed down our favorite trends from Long coats in trench style and double-breasted ones to luxe evening wear for men.

Credits: Saint Laurent

Evening Menswear At Paris Fashion Week

We’ve witnessed all kinds of long coats that stole the show, but one thing was prominent throughout the show; the color black. We fell in love with the oversized silhouettes that oozed the essence of Yves Saint Laurent’s designs. Be it double-breasted coats with large lapels or toe-grazing coats with everything a man would dream of. Seeing that menswear with matching pants and blazers took us to the vintage era when such silhouettes were familiar among men of high status. Another way to make an evening statement is to put on matrix-like trench coats and look like a man in action.

Credits: Saint Laurent

Make Your Evening Menswear Sartorial!

Paris Fashion Week 2023 has shown us the many ways to style your evening menswear, be its trench coats, blazers, or anything chic with a sartorial touch. You can even pair your double-breasted blazer with double-breasted trench coats, which would still make you look like a stylish gangster from the 1930s.

Credits: Saint Laurent

Oversized Evening Wear Takes A Lead!

Apart from keeping the looks sartorial when you step out of the house, whether for a stroll with your loved ones or a walk to grab a meal, the oversized statements have proven to be a perfect way to look like a suave man on the street. You can make everything oversized for more impact. 

6 Evening Menswear In Black To Go Super Sartorial!

Our expert editors and stylists have thoroughly followed Paris Fashion Week and evening menswear trends to come up with this list.

Saint Laurent Double-breasted Trench Coat

Apart from its jet-black appeal, this chic trench coat is crafted from the finest wool blend and comes with peak lapels. 

Dolce & Gabbana Belted Trench Coat

Give a belted approach to your black trenchcoat, and your ideal evening look will be on point. To top it off, put on a hat, and your look will be complete. 

Burberry Cotton Gardine Trench Coat

Looking for a slim-fitted trench coat? Try this cotton one that will frame your body perfectly!

Saint Laurent Self-tie Wrap Coat

If you want to incorporate a rob-style, we recommend this wrap coat that can be worn indoors and outdoors. 

Saint Laurent Double-breasted Cashmere Coat

Opt for timeless tailoring with the chicest cashmere coat that is crafted by the top of line artisans.

Saint Laurent Double-breasted Wool Overcoat

Do you want to feel like a sophisticated and stylish gangster in town? Try this double-breasted woolen overcoat and finish it up with a hat.

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