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Cropped Puffers are a thing now!

By February 5, 2021March 18th, 2021No Comments

Cropped Puffers are a thing now!

Puffers have taken over winter fashion like you wouldn’t know how. The latest spin on these vibing warmers is the crop effect that was seen all over in winter 2020. Everyone and their grandma joined the trend and we saw streetsyle to luxury brands churning out their own versions of the new cut. Are you a traditional puffer person or have you warmed up to the crop fit? We personally like the cropped effect, but is it really effective in cold weather? Our fashionistas seem to think so. From monochrome to pastels, they’ve worn it all. Prada puffers were a popular choice that kept coming up in our research. We love Chiara’s powder blue Prada puffer that she paired with a rainbow coloured sweater and jeans. For inspiration on how to wear a cropped puffer, head to our Instagram account (add link here). We want to know your views. Will you hop on the trend? Or are traditional puffers just fine for you? In any case, we have trendy cropped puffers lined up for you below to shop 🛍

Reebok x Victoria Beckham

logo-print cropped puffer jacket


cropped puffer jacket


LR-LX020 cropped puffer jacket


Black Shiny Cropped Puffer Jacket


bolero puffer jacket

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