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06 April, 2021

Color-Blocking Is Making It’s Way Into 2021 & Here’s What You Need To Shop

Color-blocking has always been a fun way of dressing up. It involves wearing an outfit with contrasting colors such that they go well with each other. We’re always on board for a fun mix of colors and when we spotted the biggest names in fashion going all in – we thought you might need some great pieces to make a statement of your own! Color blocking isn’t as easy as a good stylist might make it look. The play between the colors should look natural and there is a thin line between doing it and overdoing it. To strike the right balance is key so we’ve gone ahead and done the hard work for you!

We took inspiration from our favorite bloggers and tried to find pieces that will go a long way in your wardrobe. Have a look below & shop the trend!

First up is this gorgeous yellow long dress by Max Mara. Why do we love it? The color, obvs. The material is silk charmeuse and it makes the dress drape beautifully. The belt that supports the back and goes around the waist draws attention to your curves. It’s a stunning piece and one that can be styled in many, many ways. Add a bright mini Jacquemus bag and you’ll be rocking the color blocking trend!


While we’re on the topic of striking bags, don’t forget that accessories like bags, shoes and belts are great ways to make color blocking work. Color blocking isn’t only about wearing contrasting clothes, but accessories too. In fact, they sometimes work better than adding a whole piece of clothing to make color blocking work.. Check out this gorgeous Bottega Veneta Point clutch bag in the color teal. Teal can be used with the yellow Max Mara dress we just showed you above or it can blend in with so many other colors to create a powerful impact. The bag itself is a wonder like all Bottega pieces – slick design, great color and practical.


It’s time to see the to-be star of your wardrobe. This royal blue blazer with gold buttons is a statement piece on it’s own. You can also pair it with a soft beige-pink top, or lighter hues from the color wheel to make color-blocking work like a charm. It can be worn to multiple places, including work, friends meetups, dinners – anywhere where you think walking in and getting noticed is important 😉


We’ve got lots more stunning pieces for you to shop and pair together or even with existing pieces in your wardrobe to look amazing in the color blocking trend. Scroll below and add your favorites to the cart!

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