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Celebrity Fashion Edit: 3 Looks of Sarah J. Parker in Sex & the City That Still Work In 2021!

By January 19, 2021No Comments

Celebrity Fashion Edit: 3 Looks of Sarah J. Parker in Sex & the City That Still Work In 2021!

With the Sex & the City reboot finally in the works, we’re thrilled to revist our favourite Carrie Bradshaw looks. She was an icon that ruled our TV screens. Sarah J. Parker as New York based columinist & fashionista gave us some timeless looks to marvel over. She took celebrity fashion to a whole new level! We’ve curated three iconic looks, that still work and are very much in, in 2021. Let us know if you want more celebrity fashion edits, and we’ll work on more ideas for you. For now, we have the print-on-print look that Carrie works like a pro! The completely mismatched blazer and skirt work because of the neutral tank top, heels & Sarah Jessica Parker’s natural flair, obvs. Next up we have her lying in bed in a gorgeous gown, a pure damsel in distress picture. Because we all know: crying in couture is always > than crying in anything else. Take cue from her & shop the gorgeous Marchesa gown we have listed for you below and couture your worries away. Lastly, Carrie was way ahead of the accessories-on-point game. From gloves to hats and color pop bags, the woman knew her accessories like the back of hand. She made the quirkiest of pieces work together so seamlessly. So if you’re in the mood to get carried away (pun intended), we’ve linked each piece below for you shop your heart out before the reboot comes out!


Stretch Cassette leather shoulder bag


Zante floral-print belted silk coat


Sardegna Parnaveg-print cotton midi skirt


Strapless appliquéd silk-taffeta and dégradé tulle gown


Embroidered tulle gloves


Blaine faux pearl-embellished tulle-trimmed wool-felt fedora

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