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09 March, 2022

An Ultimate Guide to Wearing Dark Academia Aesthetic Outfits

To be able to sport preppy clothes is definitely a sexy privilege enjoyed by the upper class students studying in Ivies, Oxfords and Cambridges. And we’ve already talked about the impact of those skirts, tweeds and blazers, haven’t we? What’s different this time? That’s the tricky part- but not so much! It’s a trend that’s an amalgamation of a sublime architecture, literary essence, and perhaps the sexy college professor appeal? You know what we’re talking about, don’t you? The artistic trend will capture all of those ingredients so perfectly that you’ll almost feel like sniffing through those brown pages in the old library and reminiscing about the history in the most quintessential way. And it’s different from the light academic trend, Hogwarts is just one case in point. We all love the ladies of the mystic falls, don’t we? Klaus Mikaelson’s daughter ‘Hope’ surely knows how to get the dark-academia aesthetic outfit going for her. Even the tv series ‘The Magicians’ oozes the right kind of dark flare that is being addressed here. (Who doesn’t like magic, guys?)

Whether it’s Hollywood tv dramas, TikTok or instagram, the dark academia aesthetic trend is blowing up everywhere, and we can’t deny that. Even goths are tilting towards this spreading trend like anything because it aligns with their style statement. What makes this trend a blockbuster is it can be pulled off by anyone whether it’s a college professor, a graduate or anyone in general, irrespective of age group and background. Whether it’s your fave turtleneck or a classy tweed, the nostalgia that these dark academia outfits bring is insane.

Want to bring this dark academia aesthetic trend to life? These coolest outfits will prove to be a sure-fire hit this year!

1. Queen’s Gambit aura

Tanner Fletcher Brown Loop Trim Shirt!

This ones definitely something Beth Harmon from Queen’s Gambit would wear for her casual strolls in the house. It’s a handwoven satin silk shirt that comes in aesthetically pleasing brown. (Brownie points for the white outlines).

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2. The Sherlock Way

Grey Proenza Schouler White Label Bi-Stretch Melange Blazer

If there ever were a female version of Dr. Watson from Sherlock Holmes, the character would definitely be donning a blazer similar to that, and it would make you look just as smart and attractive as the famous side-kick of Sherlock!

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3. Bring it on like Dakota!

Gucci’s Beige Jumbo GG Tote

Fifty Shades star Dakota Johnson has been spotted multiple times donning Gucci’s similar totes; one time when she stepped out of Miami airport and the other time when she was in New York. Both the times, she killed the look with her jumbo GG tote, a different variant though, but giving the same preppy vibe.

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4. Slip into a Dark Sweater!

Grey Lupetto Sweater by Rick Owens

As somebody who has just graduated with a literature degree and has a stack of books in their closet, this ribbed sweater carries that dark enigma. And this sweater from Rick Owens translates the idea perfectly. Layer a long coat over it to sport a graduate’s look

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5. Spencer Grey’s Statement!

SANDY LIANG’s Brown Grebe Long Sleeve Polo

How many of you have seen Pretty Little Liars? If yes, you’d know how Spencer always appears to be a literary academic and you will see her wearing long sleeve polos and other dark preppy clothes, often floral.

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6. A College Professor Vibe

MAX MARA’s Brown Cashmere Ludmilla Icon Coat

Talking about the academic looks, this brown coat from Max Mara’s is striking the right chord with us when it comes to pulling off a professor’s look that is teaching in an Ivy. Have at it and let us know if it works!

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7. The Librarians Tailored Skirt!

Brown Argyle Intarsia Ayla Skirt

Admit it, you thought of a sexy librarian when you took a peek at this skirt from Burberry. It’s definitely going to work if you’re looking to have that dark academic look that everyone’s getting mad for!

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8. Finish up the look!


If you’re going with the academic look whether light or dark, chances are you’re going to need a tie that will display the preppy impact you want to make. And this tie is going to highlight that aspect!

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Brown Soft Tabi Loafers

In the end, make sure you have shoes that compliments your dark academic look in the most aesthetic way. Our bets are on these soft brown loafers crafted by the artisans of Maison Margiela!

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If you have any questions regarding how to pull off this dark aesthetic come academic trend, speak to our shoppers and get a personalized consultancy service.
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