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All New Louis Vuitton Bags – Store Raid!

By January 19, 2021March 5th, 2021No Comments

All New Louis Vuitton Bags - Store Raid!

Louis Vuitton lovers, you’re going to love your favourite personal shoppers even more after we show you the uber trendy & stylish bags we have for you – straight from the Louis Vuitton store! A Louis Vuitton bag is iconic and on every woman’s wishlist. We’re here to make those wishes turn into reality. From colourful too handle designs in leather to monogrammed crossbodies, there’s so much here, you’re really in for a surprise! Our favourite Louis Vuitton bag of the season? The LV x UF Collection tote! The swiss artist Urs Fischer reimagines the monogram design and lends it a hand-drawn look and a kick of colour. We’ve already done a whole blog on how color pop accessories are all the rage right now, you might want to check it out here (insert interlink for “Color Pop Accessories: Yellow Bags” here). You can click on the links below to shop these gorgeous candy Louis Vuitton bags right now!

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