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5 work bags that all powerhouse women need

By December 7, 2020No Comments

5 Work Bags That All Powerhouse Women Need

Work Bags Blog: Work bags are so underrated. They not only serve utility, but also carry the burden of having to go with all our work wear. Needless to say, they HAVE to ooze style and power, to make sure we look like the boss babes we think (and know) ourselves to be. We’ve been on the lookout for some stellar bags that can do both jobs seamlessly and we’ve nailed 5 powerhouse bags that all you working women need. See our collection and get shopping, girl!


+ NET SUSTAIN 1955 Horsebit large textured-leather tote


Sunset medium leather shoulder bag


Intrecciato leather tote


Neo Classic City leather tote

Bespoke Ebury Tote

The Ebury Tote is an organisational dream.

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